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The Oath To God

I, the reader, do swear, as I shall answer to God at the great day of Judgement, that I have shall have in my possession a gun, sword, pistol and if I fail to do so — may I be cursed in my undertakings, family and property, may I be killed in battle as a coward, and lie without burial in a strange land, far from the graves of my forefathers and kindred; may all this come across me if I break my oath.”

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Lucifer’s Revenge

My uncle Brock told me a story or strange coincidence and terrible reality. Brock lived in a small cottage at the end of a long muddy path. The sound of hoofs could be heard from a distance. Brock and a few fishermen sat and played poker. A man named Lucifer came to the door and said “Do you mind sir, if I wait out the storm here, and play some poker with you kind gentlemen.” There was a cold feeling as Lucifer sat down at the table. Lucifer looked over at me with a devilish look on his face. My hand dropped under the table and as I bent down to pick it up, I looked over underneath the table and saw, two hoofs coming out from underneath his pants. Lucifer looked over at me and said “Don’t tell anyone or you’ll die” Brock looked around and everyone else, they didn’t hear anything. No one else noticed anything eerie about Lucifer. The next morning Brock woke up thinking this was all a dream. Brock walked down to the outhouse. Hoof marks can be seen in the mud. Later that day, Brock heard of a terrible tragedy that happened in the town next to them. The town had been burnt to ashes. There was nothing left of the town, not a living thing in sight. Brock believe this was the work of Lucifer, but kept his silence until this day when he told me the series of unfortunate events. The day after he told me, he died of a heart attack. Coincidence, you be the judge!

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